Civilisation advancements such as the Internet or social media provided us with access to nearly unlimited information resources. They brought on another effect: local companies ceased to be local and became regional and global. Companies reach an increasingly broader group of potential customers and at the same time are subject to more scrutiny and assessment.

quality systems

Currently our customers do not just purchase goods and services from a first  company they come across but they expect professional customer approach to have their requirements met. Customers expect to feel safe, that the goods or service they purchase will be exactly what they need at the time. Customers’ awareness continues to increase and increasingly often they seek certified providers of goods and services. The effect of globalisation introduces yet another variable into the daily life of companies, it is a continuously growing competition.

All of those factors result in a necessity to implement and improve quality management systems.

We offer our know-how and expertise to all customers who  wish to implement a quality system or who wish to maintain it. We have implemented and maintained several dozens of quality systems.

Our framework of implementation and maintenance of quality systems includes:

  • Internal audits,
  • Suppliers’ audits,
  • Audits to verify readiness for certification,
  • Implementation of a quality management system,
  • Support with development of quality management systems,
  • Quality system maintenance,

Our engineers and auditors are available and they are eager to share with you their expertise and know-how. We are specialised in implementation of quality management systems in compliance with the standard ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and other.

What is a quality system?

Quality systems are sets of requirements, procedures and processes designed to fit particular services or production. Their central aim is to ensure that the offered product or service is of the highest quality and meets the clients’ demands. They are the basis of production in a controlled environment and manner, according to established norms. Quality management systems are developed in accordance with the mission and values of a given company. They can be confirmed by widely recognized international standards, such as ISO.

Why implement quality systems?

There are a number of benefits stemming from applying quality systems. The most important are:

assuring the most efficient processes and quality control measures,
preventing quality issues,
enabling smooth information and documentation flow,
laying the basis for continuous improvement of processes and products,
gaining reputation and higher status by being one of the regulated companies.
As an ISO 9001 regulated business, we live by the rules of quality management systems. We guarantee seamless implementation of a quality system in your company, suited to your budget. With our support every step of the way, you will receive complex assistance, starting with audits and development, through implementation, to maintenance of quality systems. Our broad range of services include, among others, layered audits and cross-selling services (we offer training sessions, control & rework services, as well as office equipment and supplies).