Even the best producers need a trusted partner for quality control.

Our company is a perfect partner within the area of quality control in a broad scope. We are very aware that at the moment a fast pace of the market progress, huge pressure on efficiency and meeting customers’ expectations may give rise to deficiencies which effectively contribute to errors. We are there to mitigate the consequences of such errors.

In the supply chain oriented at a large number of components production, production problems may lead to significant costs. Reaction time to a customer’s claim must be relevant to the “Just in Time” demands and proper organisation of quality control must provide continued production. The Interdont Support Q staff are fully aware of it and due to their experience they may help with organising and conducting an inspection efficiently. Our residents will also explain any queries on-site and provide suitable reports.


Our offer :

  • Controls and reworks of components or raw materials for the organisation and its suppliers,
  • Controls and reworks of finished goods,
  • Support with conducting feature measuring of goods,
  • CSL1 / CSL2,
  • Resident engineering,
  • Warehouse handling,
  • Packing and repacking,
  • Production support.

We provide :

  • Immediate response time – less than 2 hours,
  • Availability 24/7,
  • Clear and reliable reports,
  • Clean and fully organised work stations.
  • Top quality and work safety standards met.