With the support of an experienced partner the expectations become a routine task.

In the age of globalisation, binding and ubiquitous norms and requirements as well as huge competition every enterprise, which wants to maintain and acquire new contractors, is forced to maintain high quality of their goods or services, with cost and process optimisation minimised at the same time. This is with the continuous rise in customers’ expectations as regards goods, services and completion time.  Reduction of the completion time is the most frequent reason for managers’ concern and stress.

As we try to meet your expectations our offer for you includes operations within a broad scope of consulting. Our staff are always meticulously selected to perform tasks they are supposed to complete and adequately prepared so their operations are most efficient.

We offer consulting within:

  • Support for continuous improvement processes,
  • Support for processes of design and development of goods and production processes,
  • Support with the process of problem solving on the basis of an 8d report,
  • Support with development of system, quality and technical documentation,
  • Supervision over supplies and their development,
  • Support with meeting specific customer requirements,
  • Outsourcing of engineers,
  • and other.

Our know-how, familiarity with the market, industry requirements and vast experience may help you in becoming more competitive.