About our company


Interdont Support Q Sp. z o.o. was established in 2013 through a merger of two companies Interdont Sp. z o.o. and Support Q.

Interdont Sp. z o.o. as one of the first private companies in Poland has provided, since 1988, training and implementation as well as advisory services within quality management systems.

It has also provided services related to services for companies and staff training. Since 2001 Interdont Sp. z o.o. has enjoyed the status of a Private Entity of Continuous Training and an ISO 9001 certificate.

Established in 2007 in Germany, Support Q (initially JKCo), at the same time as a part of the Support Q Group, entered the Polish market in 2013 with an offer of a wide range of quality services. Over several years of robust development the Support Q Group gained international reach quickly. The current market operations include: Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Italy, France and Switzerland and since 2017 also Mexico.

The company Interdont Support Q offers a broad range of services within quality control in industry. It is specialised in quality consulting, outsourcing of engineers, organisation of training as well as in operations related to control and rework of components, goods.

The objective of the Support Q company is further, intensive development based on long-term partnerships with customers and providing services at a higher level.

Why us?

  • We have 30 years of experience within provision of training and implementation services as well as quality consulting.
  • We offer services on the local, regional and global market.
  • A team of passionate professionals who support our Customers through their reliable expertise and commitment. Experience and many years of practice of our auditors, trainers and controllers allows us to provide our customers with the best arrangements.
  • A broad range of services: closed and open training, implementation and maintenance of quality systems, audits, control and rework of components and finished goods.
  • Flexibility of project completion conditions.
  • Despite their abundant experience the team continuously expand their knowledge and broaden their horizons to adjust thoroughly to the changing market trends.
  • We provide our customers with comprehensive arrangements to optimise the company potential, thus the organisation may operate with maximum efficiency.
  • Any information received from the customer during the project is confidential.
  • Partnership-based cooperation,
  • Our partners’ success measures our effectiveness and drives our company development.

Certificates / Qualifications

Certificate TÜV NORD Poland
Certificate TÜV NORD Poland

Our Team

“A team is more than the total of its members” –  Elmar Teutsch, PhD

Interdont Support Q are the people who are our top asset and the pillars of the company. The composition of our team includes trainers, auditors, engineers and quality inspectors with many years of experience in industry, particularly in the auto-motive sector, ambitious and work-committed people.

Our staff’s professionalism and skills allow us to face any challenge. The partners of Interdont Support Q value us because we always attempt to respond to their needs.

We emphasise development by setting new goals continuously.

Our Partners

In its pursuit for excellence  and improvement of its offer, Interdont Support Q chooses its partners amongst companies with many years of experience of domestic and global scope.

We join the best and use the know-how of the best.


Our objective is long-term partnership based cooperation. W promote our customers’ interest and the rule of reciprocity. References do not indicate a job well done – it is only the following orders and regular contact with our customers.

Our cooperation does not end with an invoice being issued – it is just the beginning because we know that the first order is a token of trust and the following ones prove our quality and the fact that you find us necessary and helpful.

Please find below some examples of our customer references:

  • References from Winkelmann
    References from Winkelmann
  • References from  Valmet automotive
    References from Valmet automotive
  • References from Carcoustic Poland
    References from Carcoustic Poland
  • References from IS Polska
    References from IS Polska
  • References from Harter
    References from Harter
  • References from Chassis Brakes
    References from Chassis Brakes